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Mongo's Power Pitchers Baseball Page

This is Mongo'sPower Pitching website.
Flammable fastballs, keep bats away.

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Proper mechanics is key to delivering the most powerful and accurate pitches possible..
Baseball Pitching Mechanics stated mission is as follows: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To improve young pitchers accuracy and speed while reducing the likelihood of injury through proper mechanics. To give young citizens, as they enter the world, the confidence that comes from success and achievement. To give as many young baseball players as possible a chance to play the game at the college level. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We believe that there is an importance to sports which transcends the games. Sports provide an opportunity for children to find success, achievement and the confidence that comes with it at an early age. We believe that one of the most important things a person learns in their lifetime is that, quite simply, they can succeed. Unfortunately this lesson is not always learned at a young age, nor in the most constructive of ways. We feel that by demonstrating proper fundamentals and mechanics to young pitchers and letting them develop they will discover that the secret to success lies not in having the right pair of cleats or brand of glove. Rather it comes from learning what you need to know and applying those tools to the job at hand. Obviously this lesson applies to every area in a child’s life and certainly carries over into adult life in the "real world". Proper mechanics and good warm-ups are the best ways to avoid injury at any position in any sport. More than ever, there always seems to be some sport in season and yet another parent called to duty as a coach. Baseball Pitching Mechanics can be a hedge against many of the injuries that often afflict pitchers. Baseball is a lifetime sport with many players participating in senior leagues past the age of 50. The sport can provide a lifetime of enjoyment and accomplishment fostered by teamwork and commitment. We encourage everyone to stay healthy and enjoy the game! Click here for Major League Baseball Updates

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